wedding-destination-puerto-ricoI want to showcase my latest event. The wedding story of Gina and Matt, which was at the east side of the Island, here in Puerto Rico. A bright, easy going couple who were very nice to get to know and great to work with!


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Gina grew up in uppstate NY and moved to FL when she was 13. She’s a registered nurse
and enjoys cooking, arts and crafts, riding her bike, playing with her dog Monkey, and traveling to new places. Matt grew up in Connecticut before going to Northeastern University in Boston.  After a short stint in NYC, he took his career in the financial industry to South Florida. Enjoys sports, and taking the train.
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While employed in West Palm Beach as an assistant property manager, Gina often worked the front welcome desk. Matt’s office was down the street and he would join a friend of his after work to use the building’s gym. Each day Matt would prepare a quick conversation to have with the cute front desk girl. One day, Gina asked Matt out and the rest is history!
Each year Matt organizes a big trip to Key Largo. After returning from an “urgent” run to the grocery store, Gina came back to find 45 of she and Matt’s closest friends and family, champagne in hand, lining the dock out into the Gulf of Mexico.  She was ushered to the dock where she walked the gauntlet of teary-eyed girls and smiling guys to where Matt was.
toastingkiss on bridge hacienda siesta alegre
They had accommodations for their guests and stayed at the Rio Mar Beach Resort, whis is located between the El Yunque National Forest and the Atlantic Ocean. I could write a ton about it’s features and babble on, but better yet, just visit their site here CEREMONY and RECEPTION
Their ceremony took place at the Hacienda Siesta Alegre in Rio Grande, as well as the couples romantic photo session afterwards. The final part was the group photos with the beautiful night lights and rustic scenery. They were all transported to the reception place in San Juan, while celebrating with champagne and music on the way. It was held at a nice restaurant at Casa Lola.



What really inspires me about a wedding, is the “newness” of it all and to be able to help people achieve their dreams and make them become a reality!  To me everything in a wedding spells FRESH and NEW. New flowers, new dresses, new shoes, the rings, the beautiful cake, but above all, it’s the good VIBES you feel and the whole  ambiance. I also enjoy working with everyone involved, like the wedding planner, the venue staff, but also people working behind the scenes such as the caterer, the floweriest, the music and video maker, which use their artistry and put in so many hours of work and effort. It’s also a new opportunity to be even more creative by expressing my art and do something very special. Because in essence, it’s the beginning of a new life for a couple and their families. And that is something I really LOVE!
Joseph LaMotta
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Carolyn and Mike were a great destination wedding couple that I had the pleasure to work with recently. They found me through a wedding planner who recommended me and wanted me as their photographer for the wedding here in San Juan Puerto Rico in the Isla Verde area. It was really fun and we had a great time while I did the photography shots for them. First I covered their short ceremony on the beach, and after the formal group photos, we went back to the El San Juan Hotel for the couples shots. I was able to make some uniquely interesting shots with them alone. Here’s a couple of my favorites.


On this occasion the Ritz Carlton was the venue where these photos were taken. I love the variety of the different settings to create beautiful photography, when weddings are held in a hotel right by the beach. They have the advantage of the combination of comfort, elegance and natural beauty of the sea, just a few short steps away. San Juan has the largest number of hotel resorts, where you can indulge in a blissful wedding celebration. Being an experienced wedding photographer, I use my imagination and personal style, to do photography like in the pictures you see here, during the natural course of the event.

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your-wedding-dayFew things are more interesting than an image of a couple with a stunning background. Ancient cities have timeless structures that are very beautiful to make photos. They have a unique charm, with perfect spots for romantic wedding photography. Some of my favorite places here in Puerto Rico are in Old San Juan. Having a personal dynamic style, I love creating these kind of shots for wedding couples. I let them know that I will be doing special compositions and then take them to the spots I have in mind. When they see their previews, they are frequently surprised to find pictures just like these from the work I create for them. And they know they will have something very special in their albums and package. I create new art every time because my style is constantly evolving, which keeps things fresh. To me, receiving emails from them telling me how much they love them, is my greatest satisfaction.

See more samples like these here: WEDDINGS AND ENGAGEMENT PHOTOS

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Hello and Happy New Year!

January 6, 2013


After the holidays and Christmas, with about 2 weeks off, it was a much needed break. I’m writing this as my first post of the year, as I needed little time off from a very busy season. Met lots of new people and some nice couples, especially on this past December. As you know these past few weeks of holiday get togethers, gatherings with family and catching up with friends, is one of the best times of the year. It’s also a great time for surprise engagements and planning for upcoming weddings. I want to wish everyone I’ve met this year and all my wedding and engagement couples and their families a very Happy New Year 2016 and my best wishes of good health, abundance, joy, prosperity, love, peace and happiness, and above all, an awakening of consciousness around the world.

My best wishes to you all!


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“I had the pleasure of doing the engagement photos for Rosa and Shane here in San Juan, PR. They live in Memphis Tennessee and Rosa’s family is from Puerto Rico. After viewing my work online, they decided I was the right photographer for them, because of my natural photographic style and attention to detail. But mostly because they appreciated my helpfulness and experience. I was able to help them find a great place for their wedding celebration, which will be coming soon in March 2013. It was a rainy day just after Thanksgiving and we had to reschedule the shoot a couple of times, due to the food preparations as well as because of the weather.  We were lucky to get a few short windows of opportunity, just to be able to do them. Enjoy a few shots here:”

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I first met Alejandra and Steven by phone back in April, when I received their call. Now living in Utah, she is originally from Chile and Steve is from Texas. Not knowing too much about this area, they asked me for suggestions on places to have their Puerto Rico wedding with a ceremony and reception dinner. An intimate chic wedding which was finally arranged at the Water Beach Club in San Juan, Puerto Rico. I did some beach photos and and some special artistic shots for them, of which I’ve posted a few here. Even before the wedding began, they gave me a thank you card, which to me was a very sweet touch! It even made me laugh when I read; “Thank you so much for doing our wedding and for putting up with all of our changes” LOL “we really appreciate all of the advice you gave us and your flexibility”  Thanks a lot – Steve & Ale.

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“As Puerto Rico photographers for weddings, we are very often asked what are great venues recommended. Planning your wedding is not always easy when not familiar with the area, but fortunately we can help you find the right one for you. Here is a list of our favorite top venues for weddings, where we love doing photos:
El San Juan Hotel, El Convento in Old San Juan, the Gran Melia Resort, Hacienda Siesta Alegre, Rincon Beach Resort, Rincon of The Seas, Wyndham Rio Mar Beach Resort, Ritz Carlton San Juan, Conrad Condado Plaza, La Concha Hotel, Verdanza Hotel, El Conquistador Hotel & Resort, Casa de Espana, Villa Montaña Beach Resort, Castillo Serralles and the Marriott San Juan and Marriott Courtyard. For more information, ask us about these and mention your preferences or view samples on the main site:
Today, modern contemporary wedding moments include natural candid shots, with stylish details like: stunning dress shots, close ups of the rings, flowers, etc. The ones loved the most, are of course, the couples portrait shots and also the whole wedding party having fun and celebrating the day, just like these”
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“When people ask me how I describe my photography style and what I do different, I would say that it really is a mix of natural photojournalistic capture, with lifestyle-editorial-storytelling. As a destination wedding photographer for all of Puerto Rico, I want to give brides and grooms something very unique and priceless. I connect with their families and everyone involved in the wedding. I also want to help them celebrate the beginning of their marriage and for them to remember and relive their wedding day, feeling they wouldn’t have it any other way. I wanna give them something to remember… always! Whether it is a beach wedding, a formal one totally indoors or both, older more mature or younger couple, whether it’s on the west coast, the east coast, south, central or around the San Juan city hotel area, including the islands of Vieques and Culebra, if it is a small intimate wedding, a larger one, if they want just digital photo files or a more complete package with an elegant album design as well, with couples from anywhere in the U.S.A., I love them all and enjoy making the most out of each one”.

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