What really inspires me about a wedding, is the “newness” of it all and to be able to help people achieve their dreams and make them become a reality! ¬†To me everything in a wedding spells FRESH and NEW. New flowers, new dresses, new shoes, the rings, the beautiful cake, but above all, it’s the good VIBES you feel and the whole ¬†ambiance. I also enjoy working with everyone involved, like the wedding planner, the venue staff, but also people working behind the scenes such as the caterer, the floweriest, the music and video maker, which use their artistry and put in so many hours of work and effort. It’s also a new opportunity to be even more creative by expressing my art and do something very special. Because in essence, it’s the beginning of a new life for a couple and their families. And that is something I really LOVE!
Joseph LaMotta
Phone: 787-370-1133
Wedding ispirations in puerto rico
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2 Responses to “My Wedding Inspiration And Enthusiasm: It’s All About The Vibe”

  1. Hannes Uys says:

    Sublime and amazing work Joseph! Love it!

  2. admin says:

    Hey, thanks Hannes! Your comment is very concise. It’s short but sweet! Rarely do I get a direct comment like your. Most of them are just spam, and I end up having to delete about 90% of them. I’m now approving yours!
    Thanks again and drop by whenever you want.

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